Friday, August 27, 2010

Halo World!

Been nearly a yr since my last post and several 'major' events happened during this period of time; those ard me will know abit here and there ya keke!

Am already at home since yest, preparing myself and waiting anxiously for EQ's arrival :) Though the feeling of uncertainty can be intimidating at times, i know it will be worthwhile afterall :D

Came across something very motivating this morning, at least to me, and inspired me to share here...

"Have you ever feel that you're lost or being shortchanged in life? Or constantly comparing yourself with others and grumble that life's tough and God is unfair to you?" You might want to get a look at this link and maybe your perspective will change forever :)

Some people choose to lead their life to the fullest; with what they possess but some just 'devote' their time on less than critical stuff. Although the importance is very subjective and personal to each individual, personally i feel that one shld look at a bigger picture in order not to be enthralled. Just my 5cents worth of thought and here wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead! :)

Afterall, TGIF!!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Counting down...

Yes counting down to my BIG day and it seems like yesterday that we've decided on the date only...but now THE date is approaching; furthermore at an alarming speed!!

"Oh No!! Is there anything else we've missed out? If yes, is it critical?"

Like i always remind my buddy to enjoy the whole process since it's once in a life time, i do find tough sometimes especially when you've so many things in mind yet you've got limited time to spare...

"Well, just do our best ya dear :) Like you say, what's more important is our future life and what we can offer to our XXP :p keke! Gambette!"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My wedding pics

Saw the final artwork yest; not really satified with all but quite like some though :p

Gals, here are what you've been looking forward to! Didn't upload all to Flickr cos wanna save some surprises when you view my album! :D keke!

P.S: Fang, waiting for yours hor! :D

Sunday, August 30, 2009


It has been 3yrs plus after MIS days?! Didn't attend the convocation since the gap (graduation & ceremony) was rather wide...Will definitely lose the meaning & excitement by then. BUT, when we went for studio shoot today, there was this undescrible feeling when the CURTIN gown was wore haha! Sudden flown back of memories...Miss school already? Hmmmm NAH haha! Just miss the days when the nutties spent WEEKS together just to rush for projects/ assignments :p Was rather 'fun & enjoyable' when you got to compare with working life ya lol Those were our MacDonald days....

Monday, May 04, 2009

Our 1st time...

Oh yes!!! I'm not kidding that both of us has yet to go for any concert before and our 1st time is dedicated to Aaron Kwok on 30 May 09 Haha! Kind of excited actually though i'm not really a big big fan of his; still prefer Lee Hom lol Hopefully we're able to enjoy throughout the whole 2hrs30mins despite the need to look at the big screen :p

P.S: Any advices for 1st timer? haha!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour

It's time to do our part to save the Mother Earth...Kindly join all human kinds in tmr Earth Hour :) Some background history on this special day:-

Earth Hour, first held in Sydney in 2007 became a global event in 2008 and recorded some 50 million businesses and homes switching off their lights. This year, the Earth Hour will be held on this Saturday, 28th March 09 from 8.30 pm, local time everywhere on planet earth and it aims to have 1 billion people in 1000 cities across planet earth switching off for one hour.

Isn't it meaningful as you don't get to participate in such HUGE event often! So hurry hurry, register your pledge NOW ( as this will send out a powerful global message that we care enough about the Earth....

I did, did you?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bangkok Trip

Had a short break last week with two other nutties and it was a Shhhhaaaaaaggggg trip.... Shopping, shopping, and more shopping....goodness :s I miss my body massage gals!!! Anyway, i guess we had fun taking pictures though :p

Three Nutties setting off!


Colorful HIP Hotel (but undesirable location :s)

1st night only :p keke

This way to our room :p~

Boliao toilet shot lol!

Elephant & I: p

Reflection is better than reality? :p

Arrogant lady boss....Hiamp!

Kiss goodbye to Bangkok :(

BUT I'll be back again for massage soon i hope!! lol

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy "Niu" Year!

Wishing everyone a prosperous 2009 and may all your wishes come true soon!

Maybe age is catching up as I'm finding CNY boring....Or perphas is the demise of my grandparents that made CNY seems like any other normal rest day....So far went to Uncle's house yesterday and i can forsee end of vist haha! Just feel lazy and wanna rest at home :p As a result, lots of rest and goodies for me this Ox year lol

Sunday, December 28, 2008

4 more days to 2009!

Had fun this christmas with colleagues, the nutties, my dear & his friends :)

Personally like the gift exchange part with the gals on 23 Dec @ Vivo and i was the 'big winner' this time! haha! Thanks to my lucky angel :p lol As usual, the 4 of us took 'tons' of pretty photos and we were so engrossed that we almost forgot the time! :s Looking forward to see the pics wor Ping & Shir *winkz* keke~ Oh ya "Have fun in Taiwan Ping!"

Boss treated us lunch on Christmas eve and i felt kind of embarrassed with all the gifts from colleagues (didn't prepare anything as i'm unaware that there's this 'culture' in my dept :s). Will definitely remember for 2009 :D

Went house warming with dear on Xmas and we were the last guest :s Yes, dear took his own sweet time again :s But was actually a blessing in disguise as the couple have more time for us :p Brought us around their coolly decorated love nest, did some pricing & concept 'intro', showed us their bridal photos from White Link, fed us drinks, ice cream, food and more food :s *Sinful*

So nice to have own love nest ya :)

Wanna wish everyone an advance Happy New Year & a smooth 2009!! *Cheers*

Sunday, November 09, 2008

R.I.P Granny

You'll be missed and do take care in heaven...